lundi 25 juin 2007


Departure friday 11:00pm from Charles de Gaulle, arrived @ 6pm in Tokyo

Shibuia crossing.
Felix's wife, me, Felix, Ferdinand, Deborah
So many people and everything is so quiet, people whisper, the tube is more silent than the CHUV's library in the mornings.

Vous le reconnaissez celui-là?

Flo joined us in a restaurant in Shibuia. Flo:"it's a great idea you had to come to Tokyo and eat Korean!" CG:"it was delicious and I manage to make Deborah and Ferdi eat beaf tong grilled and they liked it!"

Felix and his wife left (I don't know how they manage to stay with us the all evening, I mean if my husband and I haven't had seen each other for 3 months... you know).
Flo took us to a bar: a narrow street, a "salon" on the 1st floor, a funky deco:

the ceiling

the dream team

Flo took us to a disco runned by a former EHLien, La Fabrique
On our way: phone call to Hortense: Flo et moi en coeur:"tu nous manques!"

4:30 : the sun goes up very early in Japan

vendredi 22 juin 2007

jeudi 21 juin 2007

Last days in Dieppe

Dieppe by Cartier Bresson: notice the umbrella and the pebbles.

Dieppe as we have never seen it in 6 weeks: not 2 consecutive days without rain!

Burger on the beach

Bear on a terrace (notice: jumpers on)

lundi 18 juin 2007

Friday 16 June 2007

Féliciations/parabens à tous les nouveaux dîplomés de l'EHL


Fab’ WE in Lisbon with Ben. I just forgot to leave the rain in Dieppe :-(

Charles-deGaulle airport, Vincent, que fais-tu sur le dos de cette fille?

Pour Sam:
Museo dos Coches Baby you can drive my car Jerónimos monastry
Pastel de nata from Pastelaria de Belem
Belem Tower

coffee time
Padrão dos descobrimentos
The streets were decorated for the St Anthony’s parade on the 13th of June.
The translation of the name of this street is: “alley of the dick”

Lisbon’s streets fashion.

Narrow and sinuous streets of Alfama.
Fitting rooms

Chiado: Au Bonheur des Dames, Zola: "L'amant lui faisait peur, cette peur folle qui blêmit la femme à l'approche du mâle."
Zola a aussi écrit ça: "Emanciper la femme, c'est excellent ; mais il faudrait avant tout lui enseigner l'usage de la liberté."

Bairro Alto, searching a restaurant

Ben: carne à Alenteijana (Porc + Vongole)
CG : Salted cod in a litre of olive oil, Diet will be for tomorow !
Portuguese folklore: rancho


Portuguese wine: Quinta da Periquita

Trying on our new clothes

Of course I am not pregnant :-)

Elevador de Santa Justa

Castelo de Sao Jorge

In a the tram 28

Tram + Castelo de Sao Jorge