mardi 18 septembre 2007

What do I need a man for?

Monday night, trying to hang some curtains

Checking all the buttons and functions of the driller and I am already tired. That's probably my manly side. At this speed I will hang the curtains next Easter.

Tuesday (I had to hurry because I feel bad of keeping the neighbour's driller so long)
I wish I had a man at home... but I will manage!
Notice the bag tapped under the wholes not to make dust everywhere.

A special thanks to Tom for leaving me his salmon knife
Dring, dring, "Alô Maman, I am doing just fine!"

drilling, killing (huge) insects by myself, What do I need a man for ?

I know : to teach me the rules of rugby, I can't be that complicated if this guy can play

If you think about sthg else a man would be helpful at, send me all your suggestions ;-)

jeudi 13 septembre 2007

Back in CH

Paris Je t'aime!

Back in CH so much to tell you...
here are a few pics
drinks @ Bleu Lézard

Flo & Horti in Lausanne
Soirée Plutôt @ Amnesia
Une belle brochette de jeunes ivres, ah la jeunesse!
Franck, CG, Maria, Deb's, Greg et Perrine
Le haut, mais quel sérieux!
Le bas, mais quel jeux de jambes!Maria a disparu. Jo tente le tout pour le tout pour la faire revenir: dance streap-tise!
Bon ba on ne l'a pas revenir mais c'était très artistique!

Soirée Philip Morris @ St Géry
Pause pipi pr moi, soyez sage les filles, tante Maria-Christina aura un oeil sur vous.On ne peut vraiment pas les laisser seules avec un appareil photo
Tirage de la tombola: la joix de recevoir un CD que l'on écoutera jamais. Que du bonheur!
super 2 litres de Chianti pour un dîner en amoureux!
Maria-Christina& I

Retour à la maison. Sortir du Buzz avec cette énorme bouteille sous le bras et croiser tout Lausanne!
Burger @ Great Escape, de loin les meilleurs burger de Lausanne
The Red girls

The strippes-boys
Don't bother trying Thomas, Jo only has eyes for Maria, when she is not there he stares at his phone
Let me introduce you Patrick:
Patrick: "surtout ne tombe pas amoureuse".
ça va être dur...
Un Thé-léphone

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Last WE in Kobe

hiiiiii... last message posted on the 1st of August and I forgoten my username and password, gosh I have not updated my blog for ages.
Last night in Kobe was a fantastic and addictive Karaoke.
Strangers in the night by Sir Ferdinand
99 BaloonsI know it's not a microphone but a lamp torch...
11:00 Karaoke shuts, let's go clubbing
A pink scooter, we had to strike the pose and take a pic!

Japanese are so shy that when they go clubbing they dance in line facing the DJ. I feel like at the concert of DJ Zebra last year at l'Usine with Gaëlle et Sarah ;-)
Karaoke is over but we just can't get enough
A hair saloon was there to advertise their skills and we decided to test their creativity
A drink whilst waiting to get re-vamped

For Deborah, some extensions.
Deb's: "she is giving some cleverness!!!"


Felix:"Ferdi is only German-Blond-Jackson 5-Affro that I have ever met"
Not sure if getting rid of that funky hairdo was a good idea
The Dream team

A pair of...

Wait Ferdi there is worst than Deb's and I:

All this cleverness... I couldn't resist. Don't be jealous Maria...

The Babe-magnet

The boss is tired let's go home

My Cherie Blair's smile!!!
In the cab:
Felix playing with Deb's hair Deb's on the phone. Amazing, her phone worked in Japan!!! Deb's:"it's because it's pink"
Ferdi sleeping and me trying to wake him up, the usual after party cab-trip!

so it's 6:00 and we have to leave at 9:00... that leaves us 3 hours to finish packing, plenty of time then!!!

9:00 Ferdi & I @ reception waiting for the rest of the team...
Ferdi:"let's wake them up and have breakfast".
CG: "for once it's you thinking about eating!!!!"

I could not finish my mission in Japan without the best pic of my favourite team-leader Ferdi

Last but not least: you might know that one of our auditees was Indian and he had specially big eyes. During the exit meetings his eyes became even widder when we raised a critical issue. The team used to joke about my eyes being almost as big as his and that the auditee had the biggest eyes in Japan. Well, I don't agree:

Now that I left the country the auditee has the biggest eyes in Japan :-)

I wanted to thank the team for making this mission so unique and unforgetable. Merci