jeudi 31 mai 2007

Calamity Ferdi!

Before the last part of my WE in Barcelona I had to share with you a nice email I received from a team-mate.

The team has been split in 2, I am in Normandy with Felix and Deborah is with the Team-Leader, Ferdi.

Debs wrote:
"Ca va à D...? Tout se passe bien? Tu dis qu'il pleut pas, je te crois pas ici, ici il fait trop moche aujourd'hui.
Tu veux que je t'en raconte une bien drôle. Hier on a oublié de mettre de l'essence dans la voiture, du coup elle est tombée en panne sur l'autoroute ;-) c'est bête, non? On a attendu 1h sur un pont, avant qu'un dépanneur vienne nous sauver. Heureusement il faisait chaud, alors on a pris un peu l'air. Et du coup au lieu de mettre 10 minutes pour rentrer du travail, on a mis 2 heures. Voilà!"

Last Week my team-lead forgot where he parked his car. We had to go around the town for 15 minutes. Then when we eventually found it, we drove (with an other car) to the office where he thought he had left the key... the key was in his bag on the boot of the car we were driving.

Last WE he left too late, drove as fast as he could, not without being caught by a French radar, and missed his planed by 10 minutes :-( He bought an other air-ticket. Expensive WE to see the boss (that's how he calls his girlfriend).

WE Barcelona

It was one of the best WE ever!!! It’s pretty difficult to get back to the freezing cold and rainy reality of working in Normandy.

@ Orly: bloody French and their smelly cheese!
Booked my air-ticket on a rush and by mistake a travelling insurance with it. You know me by now: I was so bloody worried that could be a sign of me dying on air-crash. Was not very reassured then…

Late lunch (5 o’clock) in Museu Textil (excellent tortilla ;-)) The cathedral
Pilgrimage for Vincent in his “Plaza” (Plaza Lluis Millet) just 50m from where he used to live.
Shopping mates :- )

vendredi 25 mai 2007

Week 2 in Dieppe

Trying to find a restaurant by Dieppe. Got lost… Manage to take these pics.
Starving!!! Deborah: camembert and Felix: camembert flambé au Calvados, served with potatoes, apples and bread. Clara to Debs: "fondue of camembert: it's like being at home ;-)"
Thursday: Karting!!!

For those who don't know: I have my driving licence but I cannot drive (yeah, not everybody can!). A lot of fun and a lot of grass mowing for me ;-)

After the kart: looked for a restaurant in Dieppe for ages...

(Ferdi, Felix and Deb's by the cathedral)

Funny place to put a clock!

The team to me: "you are going to have a lot of in Japan" refering to me taking thousands of pics in Dieppe!

Funny faces!!!
For Mimi and Denise :-))

lundi 21 mai 2007

Good food, good life in Normandie

Found 10 centimes! 10 centimes invested for 50 years @ 1% give 16 centimes, let’s keep on
working ;-)

@ my crazy Neighbours
Celine (Dion), René and René-Charles framed at Ellen and Nicolas’ kitchen

Faut pas se garer en double file rue d’Amsterdam!!!

Scène de bistrots parisiens
Camembert Chirac and a Lindt Bunny. I promess to bring Monsieur Jean-Roger a Nesquick teddy bear if he puts a poster of Nicolas Sarko ;-)

La tour Eiffel, le Grand and le Petit Palais

Chocolate cake from La Durée

La Madeleine and the only Swiss car I have seen from “OW” what county is it ?

Deco tip!

Anna Mouglalis (in red), sorry for not being quick enough ;-)
(for those who have no clue who Anna Mouglalis is)

For those who missed my pink tong!!! (sans aucuns mauvais jeux de mots, of course ;-) ). Place de la Concorde

My second Parisian home

La Tour Eiffel

mardi 15 mai 2007

Tuesday 15.V.06

Discovering Normandie on board of a delivery truck.

Normandie by Clara

Normandie by Delacroix

Dieppe here we are!

Airport Charles de Gaulle
Who’s who? 1*

Who’s who? Again 2*

Answers: 1* Jap tourist, Deborah and myself
2*: Myself, Deborah and Felix and our 90Kg of luggage in our 3 red suitcases
Notice the nice auditor’s cross-refs ;-)

Nice shoes Ferdi! (my new team-leader)
CG to Ferdi: “Did you know the last time a tourist (crazy tourists) wore flip flop in August he froze to death.”
Ferdi’s sister used to be at school (in Brazil) with Ian Guedes (EHL), who got married last year with Yasmina Khan (EHL) who used to be Marc’s colleague at JPM… (see yellow polo above), who (Marc) is a colleague of Thomas (see article dinner @ Hortense) and of Julien Roques, Milena’s* husband (EHL + Price). For those who are lost, you’d better take notes because it is getting more and more complicated.

*: Milena is only one who can understand my crush for Bernard Müller, BM for short, a nice banker who gave us a course on structured products at Académie d’Expertise Comptable last summer.

The whole team for dinner.
I thought I had seen it all when Tom (who else?) used to make himself (who else? bis) rillette-brie-smoked salmon-foie gras sandwiches and drain it with tea+milk. I have found worse: a girl who hates eating and who can have ceasar salad, moelleux au chocolat and French Fries at the same time. It’s great to have nice French food and to share it with some nice colleagues*. It’s even greater to see Ferdi’s face when he grabs a shell thinking it is cooked and dead and it almost walks away.
Ferdi to Felix and I : “tonight don’t sleep with your mouth open in case the alive animals you’ve just eaten try to run away.” Bloody French!
* I miss you Mimi

WE in Lausanne

2 weeks of « preparation » for the next mission is definetly too short to see everyone.
Here are a few pics of my last WE in Lausanne
Friday Buzz
How to find Vincent & Co in a packed Buzz: Patrick is the one dancing on the podium Marc is the paparazzo taking a picture of the national-blue-eyed-Julio-Iglesias (=Patrick of course)!

Patrick, here’s a pic for our mothers ;-)

Marc, Patrick and Vincent, friends for ever.

Vincent qui préfère être ds les bras de Morphée plutôt que ds ceux de ses groupies.

@ Buzz that night: Claire, Alex, Raph & Love is great, Vincent Steinmann, Jannick et Déborah et David de KPMG.
Arrived too late to see Michael & Florence, left too early to see Deborah from Nestlé.

Coffee with Ralf. Denise will never spend as much time with a man as with Ralf, not even with her own husband: since they were 3 they were always on the same class, went and came back from school together. Promise Ralf, if Denise left St Gallen’s uni to EHL after one semester it’s not because she was trying to escape from you ;-))

Le Lac de Lausanne (Double fuck to those who call it the Lac de Genève and who think that Lausanne is a fishermen’s village!).

C U all in September :-)

vendredi 11 mai 2007

Tips for Parents

Clara: "if one works long enough at Neslté, do you think they can call their kids Ines and Nestor or would they have to pay Rights?"

Nicolas Godel (fou de plongée): "si j'ai une fille je l'appellerai Marine ou Océane et si c'est un garçon ce sera Omar"

Mardi C bolo + vin rouge @ H

Last dinner @ Hortense in Geneva I set up the menu: Spaghetti Bolognese + lettuce +H’s vinaigrette + red wine Horti’s surprises: delicious apple cake + Thomas Thomas, who’s a friend of Antoine (Voumard) + Florent (Ferner) and who knows Laurent Gatolliat & Hugues!!! Le monde est petit qd même :=) Petite pensée pr Nicole dont c’est l’anniversaire. Santé Nini !!! No more napkins, no more kitchen roll, “Sorry guys, there is only toilet paper”. Souvenirs d’un dîner @ Horti aux Tours de Valmont, talking about Vikings
H: “I am going to work in Grimentz: 455 inhabitants, Oh my God!”
Recognise the clown on the fridge (far right)? it's a picture of me that I put on this blog. Happy to see that it helps <:-)
Did not want to leave to catch my train. Slept for the last time on “le sofa de la vieille” = the most uncoffy withe leather angled sofa. Slept like a baby on my old friend (the very bloody angled sofa) and at an old friend (H)

WE à Paris

Because I like to use this blog to let you know how my wealth is going on:
Found Place des Abesses (Montmartre)
Maman et moi
Bravo et bonne chance à notre nouveau président :-)