mardi 18 septembre 2007

What do I need a man for?

Monday night, trying to hang some curtains

Checking all the buttons and functions of the driller and I am already tired. That's probably my manly side. At this speed I will hang the curtains next Easter.

Tuesday (I had to hurry because I feel bad of keeping the neighbour's driller so long)
I wish I had a man at home... but I will manage!
Notice the bag tapped under the wholes not to make dust everywhere.

A special thanks to Tom for leaving me his salmon knife
Dring, dring, "Alô Maman, I am doing just fine!"

drilling, killing (huge) insects by myself, What do I need a man for ?

I know : to teach me the rules of rugby, I can't be that complicated if this guy can play

If you think about sthg else a man would be helpful at, send me all your suggestions ;-)

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