lundi 4 juin 2007

Barcelona (last)

Time flies. Here are the pics of Sunday in Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia

Park Guell

Au secours, je vois double!

In the Tube

Plaza Real
Meeting Ghassan at the beach. V:"where are you Ghassan"... "by the loo". CG:"by the biggest number of topless women i.e. the loo would be a more appropriate answer!"

Whilst Vincent left to work (poor Vincent) I am meeting Charlvyn for a drink in Plaza Jaume.
Charlvyn: "where are you ?".
CG: "I am in the middle of the Plaza Jaume, and you?"
Charlvyn: "I can't see you, what can you see in front of you?"
CG: "I can see 3 guys staring at me... shit they are English..."

Excellent Paella with Ghassan, Ana and Vincent.
Someone is having fun

It was one of the best WE of my life, Thx :-)

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