vendredi 1 juin 2007

WE Barcelona continued

La Rambla @ 9pm
Arrived at Cager Isabel in a Champañeria and found a girl cuddling Vincent. Apparently she poured wine* all over him and his eyes… Impression de déjà-vu (Vodka @ X-mas, etc.): un bon conseil Vincent, le WE oublies les lentilles, mets des lunettes avec essuie-glaces ;-)
*Vincent told Hannah, who works for luxuary car company, "viva Aston Martin". Love is great: Nikolas and his girlfriend, Hannah. I almost deleted this picture but did not because I wanted to quickly catch the picture below. (you can't really see but on the sign it's written "besos" sweet no?) Vincent, his bad crossing habits, his hat, his new jeans and the police!
Caïpi addiction: CG, Ghassan ("le mec le + chaud de... from Lebanon" dixit Vincent), Nikolas (V's Team-leader), Hannah, and V
Who's the boss? Danzatoria
Waiting for Ghassan and Nikolas to finish their fags...
Jaimiroquai? Patrick Dupont? No Vincent, who esle <;o) ?
Drinks al fresco in a fab' house converted into a club.
Ghassan au taquet!
Shall I stay or shall I go... let's go to ... (sorry I have forgotten the name of the club. Check on Vincent's blog)

Too much wine on V's shirt according to the Bastardo at the entrance. Ghassan has a briliant idea: "V wear Clara's cardigan" CG:"Ghassan I am the fashion guru, it's quite cute actually!"

Still no chance of getting in, never mind, lets try ... (sorry I have forgotten the name of that club too).
The warriors (we have lost Hannah and Nikolas)

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