lundi 25 juin 2007


Departure friday 11:00pm from Charles de Gaulle, arrived @ 6pm in Tokyo

Shibuia crossing.
Felix's wife, me, Felix, Ferdinand, Deborah
So many people and everything is so quiet, people whisper, the tube is more silent than the CHUV's library in the mornings.

Vous le reconnaissez celui-là?

Flo joined us in a restaurant in Shibuia. Flo:"it's a great idea you had to come to Tokyo and eat Korean!" CG:"it was delicious and I manage to make Deborah and Ferdi eat beaf tong grilled and they liked it!"

Felix and his wife left (I don't know how they manage to stay with us the all evening, I mean if my husband and I haven't had seen each other for 3 months... you know).
Flo took us to a bar: a narrow street, a "salon" on the 1st floor, a funky deco:

the ceiling

the dream team

Flo took us to a disco runned by a former EHLien, La Fabrique
On our way: phone call to Hortense: Flo et moi en coeur:"tu nous manques!"

4:30 : the sun goes up very early in Japan

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