lundi 11 juin 2007

Renault Clio

Friday, last day of our audit at...

The auditees had 2 choices for the hotel: this castle or our hotel (no pics but a nice countryside hotel) right in front of the castle. (ils ont tournés "Les Visiteurs" ds ce château).
The manager: "we hesitated but... thought you might be frightened of ghosts"
Clara: "yeah, if you had anything to hide you would had put us in the castle, but you don't"LOL
Let me be clear: In all the flats I lived in Lausanne, all the previous tenants died in tragic circumstances in the bathrooms, no joke: one asphyxiated because of a fire (several people killed) and an other one from a heart attack, so I am not scared of ghosts!

Friday morning: no car, it was stolen during the night.

Thank you to the robbers who stole our crappy red Renault Clio.
Clara: "Might be the coulour, they might had always dreamt to be firemen!"
The Manager: "I knew we should had put in the castle where the parking is under surveillance!"

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