mardi 10 juillet 2007

2nd WE in Tokyo

Kobe-Tokyo by Shinkansen

Roppongi: Midas Club
4am: CG:"In 1 hour the fish market is open, let's have a last drink and go directly :-) "

The team-lead sleepy, the girls trying to explain where we want to go.
The taxi driver touched looked at us on the rear view mirror, touched his noise and said "sushi" and touched his again and again. Deb's and I looked at other, touched our noises, looked at the driver, looked at other. That last for at least 5 minutes.
Deb's:"he is going to give me a complex"
Ferdi suddenly woke up.
Deb's:"the taxi driver went mad is having a whole conversation with us and he keeps on touching his noise. I think he is trying to say that we have big noises!"
Ferdi:"big noises, he must like Lala a lot then". and he felt back to sleep!
Lala, it's me because Japanese cannot pronounce R!

The party girls at a tuna auction

An animal for this blog: Grey with black stripes, so chic!!!

8:00am: Having a shower, now I know what the taxi driver meant by touching his nose: the fish market is smelly :-)

3:00pm - 8:00pm Saturday: shopping!
Forget about going to museums and parks, it's the 1st day of sales!!!!
Deb's and I's trophies:

P-S: I got the KPMG blue shoes!

Saturday night: back in Roppongi, a friend of Ferdi suggested we should go to a club called Feria. The funny thing is that we were there the day before... I mean it's a building with several clubs and the previous night we were on the 2nd floor... Let's say we are too damm good to find good addresses!
It was a great night. The world is asmallworld, Thank you Paolo for the invitation.

No flash, just day light :-)

Sunday 3pm, well no 5pm, never manage to wake up on time for a coffee with Florent.
The freaks: you all know that young Japanese are very... trendy. Well here is where they hang at the WE:

Display food: wherever you go to eat any type of food there is always food plastic on display

Billions of people in Tokyo and on my way back, guess who I found in the street: my boss!!!

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