mardi 10 juillet 2007

Tokyo 3rd WE Saturday

@Geronimo's a bar in Roppongi. (on the left some guy from Madrid. I might invest on a program to cut strangers on my pictures so I can show them to my parents ;-) )

Feria again!
Felix, Felix's wife, Felix's sister in law, Deb's, Ferdi, Nicolas (Ferdi's friend from St Gallen) and I

The girls loo. According to the Gaijing (foreigners in Japanese) girls, Japanese do have smaller... and Lancome maskara is the best.

Saturday: buying display food. I eventually got my sushi clock!!!!

Deb and the satisfaction look a woman can have after buying knives* she will probably never use. (* : also true for any kind of thing one, I mean a woman, can buy).

Squared water melon, price: 200CHF. It's real, not display food, scary!

8:30pm hotel's lobby.
Ferdi asked:"have I came back of one of you girls?"
CG:"no well it was not us...We left you there, how did you manage then?"
Ferdi:"well at the end one always manages."

Drink at Tokyo Park hotel where "Lost in Translation" film sets place.
From the bar on the 45th floor

My cocktail: Iris: vodka, crème de cassis, cranberry juice, raspeberry purée, lime juice, Delicious!
Ferdi and his tomato juice, still recovering from last night-this morning...

Mini Cherry tomatoes on huge Ferdi's hands... scary!
One of the restaurants Do it yourself dinner in ShibuyaThe cooks of that feast!

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