lundi 23 avril 2007


Last WE in Brazil
Florianópolis is in the South, 1 hour flight from Sao Paulo. Famous for its beaches and nightlife.
Home town of Gustavo Kuerten, the guy who aroused my interest for tennis when he won Rolland Garros (twice, excuser du peu!) Scoop: Elvis is alive!
A beer @ the airport!!! Yes I know I spelt it wrong in my lasts articles, sorry.
The most exceptional thing is: this is not just a beer, it is MY beer.
After 6 months in London, 4.5 years dating a Brit, EHL, KPMG and our crazy Apéro du vendredi without drinking beer, I now like it!!! (what a waste)
Any volunteers for a dinner @ Les Brasseurs @ Lausanne/GVA???

We arrived very late and had no hotel. We tried several hotels but they were all full.
Mimi: “you ask”
CG: “well, if there are no hotels, we can go to a motel”
Taxi driver: “motels are not like in Europe, I’d rather … “
CG: “are scared to leave us in a motel”
Taxi Driver: “ehhh …yes”

CG:"let's go!"

Motel Corsarius
Here we are, outside the city in a Motel!
We were quite curious to see what it is as Anna talked us so much about it…
The concept is simple: it’s a hotel where one goes with their partners only for naughty purposes.
It’s very common in Brazil to go to Motels as people live at their parents until they get married and Brazilians don’t bring their girlfriend/boyfriend home.
So these type of hotels are never empty:
- in the mornings it’s for married lovers
- in the afternoon it’s for students
- during the night for couples
Lucrative <:-) Other detail: they are usually outside the cities by the motorways, a bit like Formule 1, with the same thickness of walls… The only access is by car even inside the motel, you basically drive in your room.

CG to Maite :"have you noticed that the motel is paited with the colors of the Spanish flag? ;-)"

the room:
- Pink with a mirror on the ceilling and no duvet
- a Porn channel on TV

In order not to disturb the lovers, there is a "pigeonhole" to deposit any request (this is just some bedsheats)
In bed with Mimi
- amenities: no mini bar but loads of toys!
So tired, we felt asleep straight away with all our clothes on, too scared to use to bedlinen :S)
Slept so badly: we had the most noisy neighbours on Earth. Too tired to even knock on the wall to tell them to stop screaming, not very appropriate in such establishments anyway :-)
Saturday, stroll, shopping and dinner
After dinner: more shopping. Very interesting conversation with Adriano and Gustavo who leave in the street and make bio-jewels out of seeds.
Adriano: "for us it's a therapy to make jewelry"
CG: "for us it's a therapy to buy it!"

Sunday: beach!
So tired to go to the beach we just spent the morning in front of the hotel. No that bad!
our hotel

Already time to go. Ritual pic @ the airport

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H. a dit…

ON dirait la maison de Barbie ton Motel... il faudrait juste enlever le miroire qui a mon avis.. n'est pas fait pour se prendre en photo ;o)

Vincentbcn a dit…

y a les memes hotels au Mexique..mais nous on a preferé l'upgrade à la downgrad :-)

see u in madrid airport

lgclara a dit…

Motel rose pourri, expérience hôtelière unique ;-)