mardi 17 avril 2007

Republica Oriental del Uruguay: Montevideo

Left on the run to the airport on Friday not without having said goodbye to Ben and Christina (on their way to Lima).

Airport ritual: a beer! Impossible to drink it on the plane mainly because we felt asleep ;-)

Saturday morning
Stroll by the sea to arrive to the city centre. CG: “I didn’t know Montevideo was by the sea” Maite “yes, it is and right in front of Buenos Aires”.

Looks like it is going to rain!

Well done: it rained a lot!!!

Under a bus shelter we waited until the rained stopped. We talked with a nice woman who gave us some tips on the city. No shopping tips as all shops are closed since 12:00 on Saturday :-(
By the way Mimi (Maite): Montevideo is not in front of Buenos, toc!

Maite: “I could not tell the difference btw the accent in Montevideo and in Buenos Aires. Is there any difference?” the woman: “no there is no difference really, except that Argentineans are more “cocky” (gde gueule), that might be because they have more Italian migrants”. Notice that I am not the one who said it!
The woman “the real difference is that a Uruguayan always carries his Mate tea everywhere”. I guess there is some strong addictive substance in it because one has to be totally crazy to carry a cup and a big thermos everywhere.

Being absolutely soaked, we decided to end our day at 5pm and go to sleep, so 5 hours of Montevideo!

Maite: “My friends are going to say that I am crazy for coming to Montevideo to sleep. What am I going to do without you Mimi (=me)?”
CG: “To go abroad and spend the whole day in bed at the hotel, well if you don’t have me, you can find yourself a BOYFRIEND”.

10pm Woke up. Put the TV on. CG “shall we go clubbing?” The idea of facing that bloody rain didn’t quite motivate us. We end up by watching TV and drinking beer, what a nice pyjama party!

Maite is scared that I will blackmail her one day wiht all the pics I take of her. I really wonder why she thinks that ;-)
Walked around the city. It’s a very nice and safe city CG: “it seems it’s only in Brazil that one cannot walk in the streets without being mugged”.

"Non mais des choses pareilles!" I always tought that my Seat Ibiza from 1996 was old!
I like this picture because it is not just a big tree and a lamp in front of a fountain. It's a bold ginger (roux) man holding his girlfriend, and if you think about the probabilities of finding a bold ginger in South America that makes it a very unique pic!

Tube station
Flee market

I liked that pic, so I got it

Maite always takes pictures of the names of the streets to remember the monuments/areas she pictured

Well me too
(Petites pensées pr mes 3 petits crapeaux: Inès, Astride et la petite Chloé que j'allais chercher à l'école et reconduisais chez elles, 47 Rue Pigalle, avec arrêt de bus devant un sex shop: Chloé 3 ans à Inès 7 ans: "Dit Inès prq Maman elle est pas venue ds ce magasin (= un sex shop avec des chaussures de travelos) pr s'acheter des chaussures à talon?" Inès:"Parce qu'elle préfère les chaussures plates de chez Chanel")

The parliamant and us, well mainly us!Airport ritual: A beer!!!!

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Michael a dit…

Coucou! Bah dis donc, c'est cool de te voir souriante et always Happy!!! Profite bien... Au fait, un bière en anglaise se dit : BEER ! Car bear, c'est un ours! Donc si tu as soif d'ours, tu me fais souci, rentre vite! Au fait tu rentres quand?