mercredi 18 avril 2007

Forget the Vikings!

Today's it's my Team Leader anniversary: 2 months!!! BUUUrrrrKKKK!!!!!

Nothing to shout about: when she will reach 4 years, a joint bank account, a car, 8 jobs, 5 flats, a cat...

12:00 o'clock

I will just say one thing: Forget the Vikings!

(sometimes Vikings wear funny shoes ;-) )

Lunch: Anna told us about her last WE in Rio when she met Marlon's family. Her future mother in law gave her underwear as a present.
Anna "I went to try it on and all the sudden I was confused: does the whole family expect me to show them my new present?"
Maite: "Que fuerte tia! esso no te ocurre en Europa!" :-))

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