mardi 15 mai 2007

WE in Lausanne

2 weeks of « preparation » for the next mission is definetly too short to see everyone.
Here are a few pics of my last WE in Lausanne
Friday Buzz
How to find Vincent & Co in a packed Buzz: Patrick is the one dancing on the podium Marc is the paparazzo taking a picture of the national-blue-eyed-Julio-Iglesias (=Patrick of course)!

Patrick, here’s a pic for our mothers ;-)

Marc, Patrick and Vincent, friends for ever.

Vincent qui préfère être ds les bras de Morphée plutôt que ds ceux de ses groupies.

@ Buzz that night: Claire, Alex, Raph & Love is great, Vincent Steinmann, Jannick et Déborah et David de KPMG.
Arrived too late to see Michael & Florence, left too early to see Deborah from Nestlé.

Coffee with Ralf. Denise will never spend as much time with a man as with Ralf, not even with her own husband: since they were 3 they were always on the same class, went and came back from school together. Promise Ralf, if Denise left St Gallen’s uni to EHL after one semester it’s not because she was trying to escape from you ;-))

Le Lac de Lausanne (Double fuck to those who call it the Lac de Genève and who think that Lausanne is a fishermen’s village!).

C U all in September :-)

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