vendredi 11 mai 2007

Mardi C bolo + vin rouge @ H

Last dinner @ Hortense in Geneva I set up the menu: Spaghetti Bolognese + lettuce +H’s vinaigrette + red wine Horti’s surprises: delicious apple cake + Thomas Thomas, who’s a friend of Antoine (Voumard) + Florent (Ferner) and who knows Laurent Gatolliat & Hugues!!! Le monde est petit qd même :=) Petite pensée pr Nicole dont c’est l’anniversaire. Santé Nini !!! No more napkins, no more kitchen roll, “Sorry guys, there is only toilet paper”. Souvenirs d’un dîner @ Horti aux Tours de Valmont, talking about Vikings
H: “I am going to work in Grimentz: 455 inhabitants, Oh my God!”
Recognise the clown on the fridge (far right)? it's a picture of me that I put on this blog. Happy to see that it helps <:-)
Did not want to leave to catch my train. Slept for the last time on “le sofa de la vieille” = the most uncoffy withe leather angled sofa. Slept like a baby on my old friend (the very bloody angled sofa) and at an old friend (H)

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