vendredi 25 mai 2007

Week 2 in Dieppe

Trying to find a restaurant by Dieppe. Got lost… Manage to take these pics.
Starving!!! Deborah: camembert and Felix: camembert flambé au Calvados, served with potatoes, apples and bread. Clara to Debs: "fondue of camembert: it's like being at home ;-)"
Thursday: Karting!!!

For those who don't know: I have my driving licence but I cannot drive (yeah, not everybody can!). A lot of fun and a lot of grass mowing for me ;-)

After the kart: looked for a restaurant in Dieppe for ages...

(Ferdi, Felix and Deb's by the cathedral)

Funny place to put a clock!

The team to me: "you are going to have a lot of in Japan" refering to me taking thousands of pics in Dieppe!

Funny faces!!!
For Mimi and Denise :-))

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