jeudi 31 mai 2007

WE Barcelona

It was one of the best WE ever!!! It’s pretty difficult to get back to the freezing cold and rainy reality of working in Normandy.

@ Orly: bloody French and their smelly cheese!
Booked my air-ticket on a rush and by mistake a travelling insurance with it. You know me by now: I was so bloody worried that could be a sign of me dying on air-crash. Was not very reassured then…

Late lunch (5 o’clock) in Museu Textil (excellent tortilla ;-)) The cathedral
Pilgrimage for Vincent in his “Plaza” (Plaza Lluis Millet) just 50m from where he used to live.
Shopping mates :- )

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Vincentbcn a dit…

1am..toujours au bureau!!!vive les pre-exit meetings...!!c etait bien cool de venir dans "ma" ville ce weekend je vais me sentir bien seul ce weekend!!