lundi 21 mai 2007

Good food, good life in Normandie

Found 10 centimes! 10 centimes invested for 50 years @ 1% give 16 centimes, let’s keep on
working ;-)

@ my crazy Neighbours
Celine (Dion), René and René-Charles framed at Ellen and Nicolas’ kitchen

Faut pas se garer en double file rue d’Amsterdam!!!

Scène de bistrots parisiens
Camembert Chirac and a Lindt Bunny. I promess to bring Monsieur Jean-Roger a Nesquick teddy bear if he puts a poster of Nicolas Sarko ;-)

La tour Eiffel, le Grand and le Petit Palais

Chocolate cake from La Durée

La Madeleine and the only Swiss car I have seen from “OW” what county is it ?

Deco tip!

Anna Mouglalis (in red), sorry for not being quick enough ;-)
(for those who have no clue who Anna Mouglalis is)

For those who missed my pink tong!!! (sans aucuns mauvais jeux de mots, of course ;-) ). Place de la Concorde

My second Parisian home

La Tour Eiffel

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