mardi 15 mai 2007

Dieppe here we are!

Airport Charles de Gaulle
Who’s who? 1*

Who’s who? Again 2*

Answers: 1* Jap tourist, Deborah and myself
2*: Myself, Deborah and Felix and our 90Kg of luggage in our 3 red suitcases
Notice the nice auditor’s cross-refs ;-)

Nice shoes Ferdi! (my new team-leader)
CG to Ferdi: “Did you know the last time a tourist (crazy tourists) wore flip flop in August he froze to death.”
Ferdi’s sister used to be at school (in Brazil) with Ian Guedes (EHL), who got married last year with Yasmina Khan (EHL) who used to be Marc’s colleague at JPM… (see yellow polo above), who (Marc) is a colleague of Thomas (see article dinner @ Hortense) and of Julien Roques, Milena’s* husband (EHL + Price). For those who are lost, you’d better take notes because it is getting more and more complicated.

*: Milena is only one who can understand my crush for Bernard Müller, BM for short, a nice banker who gave us a course on structured products at Académie d’Expertise Comptable last summer.

The whole team for dinner.
I thought I had seen it all when Tom (who else?) used to make himself (who else? bis) rillette-brie-smoked salmon-foie gras sandwiches and drain it with tea+milk. I have found worse: a girl who hates eating and who can have ceasar salad, moelleux au chocolat and French Fries at the same time. It’s great to have nice French food and to share it with some nice colleagues*. It’s even greater to see Ferdi’s face when he grabs a shell thinking it is cooked and dead and it almost walks away.
Ferdi to Felix and I : “tonight don’t sleep with your mouth open in case the alive animals you’ve just eaten try to run away.” Bloody French!
* I miss you Mimi

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